Introducing Hosny Bronx

Hosny Bronx’s is singer, composer and author. He has recorded 3 albums with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians, between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris.

His first album ‘Radical Fighters’ (Media7 / Label Jahmin Records), his second album ‘Unité Universelle’ (Nocturne / Label I Sound) and his third album ‘Rasta Rebel’ (Nocturne / Label I Sound).

Hosny Bronx is part of these artists who work for JAH in the world. His video clips have been broadcast on TV (M6, MTV, MCM, and international TV in the world). He has performed in concerts and festivals in France, Europe and Africa. For now, He’s working on his new Album.

Hosny Bronx’s new tracks are broadcast around the globe: in the USA, South America, Jamaica, Europa, Asia, etc. Many articles are published in international press.

Hosny Bronx has released 7 new tracks for his international promotion: “Free Child”, “Come with us”, “New Moment”, “Strong Life”, “So Alone”, “Every People” mixed by Errol Brown, Bob Marley’s engineer (Survival, Uprising, Confrontation albums) in Jamaica, “We Are” mixed by Daniel Boyle (Grammy nominated) in London.

Hosny Bronx’s new tracks are on sale on iTunes & Amazon Music.

Hosny Bronx plays all instruments in his new songs. He’s an incredible artist! He sends us a real vibe coming from Jah Kingdom. He’s a true rockers man, a true Rastaman.

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