Introducing Jamah Lynam AKA ‘Childish’

Having supported the likes of Mist and Afro B, Jamah Lynam – AKA ‘Childish’ is an aspiring recording artist/musician from Reading Town. He is also an Advertising student at the University Of The Arts London.

Having a multicultural up bringing allowed Jamah to explore and indulge in different genres and cultures of music.

His sound consists of catchy melodies and witty bars in order to tell stories, transcending from Caribbean sounds such as calypso and reggae through to U.K Rap/Grime with aspects of Afro beats and Hip Hop.

Jamah says ‘My content revolves around the lust for females and partying (the good life) whilst struggling to balance “the grind” of making dreams a reality.’

Jamah grew up with a certain love and hidden passion for music and at the age of fifteen he started to play steel pans which lead him to learn how to play the drums. The sounds of the steel pan helped him to embrace more of his Caribbean culture which is now identified in a lot of his music as well as the likes of Sean Paul having a big influence his sound.

He said: ‘I thrive off melodies and specific tones or sounds which leads my music into a very catchy element which I believe is a unique selling point of my own.’

Since being a recording artist Jamah have released two EP’s and five music videos and he is currently wrapping up the sixth, as well as singles and features.

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