Meet Swedish Country Trio, Miss Winter

Miss Winter is Anna, Linda and Jenny. Three Swedish singers with passion for harmonies, country music and their common Swedish music heritage. All three have been working as musicians and singers all their lives, but never writing and performing their own music.

But when they released their debut single “The Road” it was clear that there is an audience who really like them and their music.

How long have you all known each other and how did you meet?

We have all been professional and freelancing musicians for more than two decades. The first time we met was backstage at a gig that Anna and Linda did. And as the years passed by we have gotten closer and closer as friends.

When did you form the band and what inspires you to make music together?

It was about three years ago after a common gig, we started talking. All three of us had some kind of urge and longing for something new, something more. An urge to create something together and dreams of touring with our own music.

What is the origin of your band name? Were you known under any other name before this?

Miss Winter is the name of our trio. There is not much that can beat a cold Swedish winters day, white snow and a clear blue sunny sky…..

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Our music is influenced by country with a soft spot towards Nashville where the stories told in the lyrics are important. Together with the love of acoustic instruments as resonator- and pedal steel guitar, the sound tends to strive towards what we like to describe as country influenced pop.

We always wanted our music to feel true and pure, that the music should be built by the instruments we hold to our hearts and that the musicians should be able to bring their own touch to the sound of the tracks. We really want our music to sound acoustic and warm and we love that we can put our Scandinavian touch into the country genre.

Who are you major influencers in music?

We love harmonies and all the three of us have been listening a lot to the album Trio with Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. Fabulous women, songwriters and musicians who is inspiring us in so many ways.

Are you with a record label or any other music organisations?

We are an independent group who is working hard in every way we can. Writing, producing, promoting, developing… It is a lot of work, but at the same time it is very rewarding, when we notice that our music is getting played more and more all over the world.

Where have you performed what was you favourite and least favourite venues and why?

We just arrived from Country 2 Country in London, the biggest country festival in Europe. It was a great honour to be a part of C2C. We enjoyed every second of it and wanted to stay in that moment forever. An amazing feeling to finally meet our UK fans and to talk about our common love for country music.

The venue is seldom a factor to not being satisfied after a performance. It has more to do with other circumstances, like illness, having a cold or a sore throat.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes/topics of most of your songs?

We are all a part of the songwriting process. Someone brings a phrase, it could be a little melody or a text phrase, or just a topic, and then we get started. Sometimes it is just a wonderful flow and the songs is almost given to you, sometimes it is more of a struggle.

The lyrics has always meant a lot to us…we want to tell stories….but we guess we tend to write stories about everyday life and strong women.

How has your music evolved so far since working together?

It evolve as we get to know each other more and more. Even if we have been friends for years, our tours and studio sessions continue to bring out new sides from all of us. Sides and feelings that keep our music alive and growing.

What are your biggest challenges as a band?

The country scene in Sweden is not that big, and that has been our biggest challenge. To get our music out here back home in Sweden. We got an audience and amazing fans, but it is quite hard to get our music on national radio and TV.

How did you get involved with the Worldwide Music Contest and go on the win Best song?

The great thing about internet and all the possibilities it brings is that you can get in contact with people all over the world. As we work a lot with social media and that kind of networking we found the site of ‘World Wide Music Contest’ and filled in an application.

Little did we know that our song ‘Keys In Your Pocket’ later won in the category ‘Best Song’ we were amazed and thrilled when we first found out!

What is the direction for the band now? Where can fans-to-be access your music?

Right now we’re preparing our summer tour and next week we’re heading back to the studio recording and producing more songs to be released during 2017. Follow us in social media and on our website.

Miss Winter ‘Making Stories’ EP is available now on iTunes.

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Courtesy of World Wide Music Contest

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