Meet Trixie Pitts

Trixie Pitts was born in Canada, where she graduated from University of Toronto. Now a US citizen, Trixie continues to have a very international lifestyle, having lived in Canada, USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.

While living in Hong, she taught beginner and intermediate oil and acrylic. Back in New York City, she studied abstract painting with Post Abstract Expressionist Larry Poons. Trixie is a member of the National Association of Women Artists as well as various other artists’ organizations.

She has had several solo exhibitions in NYC and has participated in many group shows. She has also won many awards for her abstract painting.

Having always lived in major cities, it is ironic that Trixie finds nature to be one of her main inspirations. Trips to France, South Africa and Australia in particular have had a major impact on her most recent art.

“Traveling to beautiful places is always an inspiration. I just take in the colors and the feel of the place and then somehowthey come out in my paintings!”

Another constant source of inspiration for Trixie is her past. Having overcome severe early trauma, she feels compelled to paint and draw.

“The practice of giving up on perfection and accepting the beauty of the unexpected when I paint has helped me do the same in my everyday life.”

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