Revisiting: Francoisgotbuffed

In this fast paced industry we don’t always get to an opportunity to reconnect with the artists we feature. We are always keen to see how things have moved on and where possible be a part of their creative journey. Today we are Revisiting Francoisgotbuffed.

Francoisgotbuffed (FGB) is an street-artist/illustrator based in Belfast Northern Ireland. Working in any medium that’s to hand his work is influenced by everything from old cartoons, through 80’s metal record covers to hearing something in a conversation.

Francois Got Buffed from Tom Hill on Vimeo.

His street art grew from putting stickers to any space available to making paste ups of his characters to try and add a bit of fun to the walls of Belfast and beyond. Branching out into spray painting his characters and now getting bigger and bolder.

This has also been the case with him starting to create works digitally giving him more freedom to experiment with his creations. He would describe his work style as fun and trying to raise a smile. A passion for travel has meant his work has covered the walls of some of Europe’s major cities meeting other artists and working on collaborations with them.

Recently he has been making his mark on clothes by learning how to screen print and creating a selection of tshirts and bags. This range is due to expand in the near future with further designs and works in the pipeline.

Keep an eye out for his creations as you never know where thye’re going to pop up next

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