Introducing Dany King

Dany King is an 18 year old artist from Dallas, Texas. The artist has been creating music since the age of 14, but did not start taking it serious until the age of 16.

Dany has put out several projects and singles, and has been consistent to his fans no matter the cost. With his latest project “From A Different World” released on September 23rd, 2016. Dany has been receiving nothing but great feedback from different A&R’s, reviewers, press, fans, etc.

Dany King’s current team consists of 2 producers (SXLO/GIMI Productions), an engineer (Esa Mikkola), and him as the artist/songwriter, which make up 19rose8.

The team strives to create extremely diverse music. They have no boundries, literally. Which is why one day you might hear a Pop song and the next week you might hear a Rap song from the team. Either way, the team’s goal is to make relatable music and to keep developing their own sound.

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