Introducing LiveSummit

LiveSummit is an electronic music band formed in 2008 by Alex Matt from Manchester. It was from the very beginning when they laid down a such vital aim for a the whole band as ruining stereotypes in the field of electronic music.

They reckon playing electronic music alive is quite possible it’s not only a Dj who can play it. Playing alive they try to make sure that it has no differences with universally recognized electronic sound EDM, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, etc.

The band collaborated with many artists from all over the world playing different styles of music. Played with Concord Dawn (NZL), Fresh (UK), Mistabishi (UK), The Panacea (GER), Black Sun Empire (NL), The Sect (UK), Luca Antolini (IT), Phace (GER), BK (UK), John B (UK), YOJI (JP), TeeBee (UK), etc.

In 2011 They have released First album on label in Britain Live And Dangerous аnd their tune entered into in the “10 Must Hear Bass & Drum Tracks” from Beatport. In 2014 year they recorded a two album Feel Evolution and presented symphony orchestra Sinfosynthetic Pt. I., and they brought themselves in the top of ReverbNation UK charts again.

Album “Energy Machine” was released in 2016 followed by the single “Break Me (trap remix)”, and in the spring of 2017 the band once again takes the top of the UK charts and gets 17 place in the World of EDM.

Any of LiveSummit’s gigs is a spectacular show with high quality sound. They absolutely know how to make hot red sound and have a good time!

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