Meet Álvaro Sánchez

follow site opcje binarne legalność Álvaro Sánchez is a self-taught graphic designer and artist based in Guatemala City, he has collaborated and published with art and design magazines from around the world.

azioni binarie poche euro His work has been exhibited in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Greece and Guatemala City, among others. His work is based on digital and manual collage. His taste for vintage material, and elements and organic are of great relevance to create their textures and shapes.

see Most of his works are inspired by literature, painting, music and cinema but his main inspiration is Guatemala City, and its streets. He also writes about music in print and digital media.

go to link Álvaro says: ‘My work is a very personal vision about the fragility of humanness, that is to say a reflection on the human condition; it’s a celebration dedicated to our errors and disgraces and that we remember that we are imperfect and how finite we are. I want the person who sees my work to experience something similar to the sensation that you get when you listen to a punk song at full volume.’ stockpair demo Connect with  go to site Álvaro Sánchez 

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