Meet Nigel

Nigel is an artist based in Northern England, creating work using paint, print and digital media.

Technology and visual culture define the act of looking, how we see ourselves and each other. As imaginative beings we generate narratives by looking – pathways through forests of signs, conjectures on how we all make ourselves up. We go touching screens, making meaning online – haptic gestures coding new kinds of sense.

But what is it about this screen life, the music of virtual informatics that alters the topography of relationships, shifts boundaries, collapses distances and throws up fire walls across the looks we share.

The works here belong to an ongoing project, attempts to picture phantoms and ciphers inhabiting a social media psyche. These are stitched together photoshopped beings, cyborg entities, half imagined gods & monsters hiding in the stories, the narrative click paths we follow in the forests of cyberspace.

They’re ancient and modern, composed but unfixed, open to transformation in the eyes and dreams of the others with whom they’re shared.

Though not necessarily human, these bodies are close to him. Their motivations and significance are possibly benign, but blurred – only revealed to the gods off stage, in cloaked scenes equally networked and elsewhere.

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