Meet Uwannika ‘Pebbles’ Dunn

Uwannika ‘Pebbles’ Dunn always loved cartoons, her favourite cartoon character was Bugs Bunny. It actually still is to this day.

Born in Massachusetts she had a love for drawing cartoons since the age of six. It started when she saw her uncle draw a picture of spaceship, after that it was something she was determined to master.

In middle school and high school Pebbles won awards for in various art competitions and eventually went on to major in studio art at James Madison University in Virginia.

And it was during college where she created the comic strip ‘Nik & Mike’ for the school newspaper. The comic is about the life of a teenager named Nik , her best friend Mike, and their other two friends.

Most recently Pebbles tried her hand at political cartoons and would love for her cartoons or comics to become mainstream, making a way on to being an animated series.

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