Revisiting: Fleure Vaslet

In this fast paced industry we don’t always get to an opportunity to reconnect with the artists we feature. We are always keen to see how things have moved on and where possible be a part of their creative journey. Today we are Revisiting Fleure Vaslet.

I was delighted when approached to complete a follow up article for Niji Mangazine. Niji Magazine has been most supportive of my work and it is very much appreciated.

Since the feature article published in Niji Magazine on my artwork in November 2015 a lot of wonderful opportunities have arisen.  I had my first art exhibition at with a fellow artist Rose Scutella in September 2016.

We had a very successful opening night and many of my art pieces sold.  I felt so encouraged by this support of my work and the beautiful comments made on individual pieces.

This piece named ‘Calm’ was purchased by an art collector who fell in love with it from the flyer for our show.

I feel very blessed to be able to create, do what I love doing and bring some joy to many who view my work.

In 2015 I completed illustrations for a book in a Children’s book series called My Super Family, and I’m finishing the second book in that same series.  Books are available at

I’ve also been working on a movie treatment involving creating the character illustrations and designing and creating the poster for the treatment, the movie is likely to be produced this year.  This was extremely satisfying and very enjoyable.

Very happy and honoured to have Emerging Art Australia include some of my artwork in their next group exhibition to be held 20th April to 3rd May 2017.

In this group exhibition, I am collaborating with fellow artist Elizabeth Basile and 10 other emerging artists.  Our art work is quite different in style, but we are like-minded with our creative natures. Having that support in a creative environment is invaluable.

Sneak peak of upcoming show. Painting named ‘floating’.

I have been enjoying the Art Journey and experimenting with mixed media. Ink, watercolour, and acrylic. This is a piece from my new Leap series in ink.

This is a mixed media piece from my Essence series.

Currently I am securing a new contract for another series of Children’s books which is very exciting.  I would encourage anyone who has that desire to create to just set it free, see what might come of it, see what you can create and bring a little more joy into the world, and to yourself. ‘Expect Beautiful things to happen.

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