FAVOTELL Media Party + Launch Event

Last week we sent lifestyle blogger Josie Schiller to fashion and art PR company Favotell’s Pop-Up event at White Space, Covent Garden.

She spoke to new member of the Favotell family, the lovely Mariana who told her a bit about what they do.

Started by ex-Central Saint Martins student Kong Jialin, Favotell is a company that wants to support emerging fashion designers and artists through providing a creative platform for young talent to grow and connect with each other. Based in London and Shanghai, Jialin saw a lack of ways for Chinese designers to get their names out there, and wanted to combine the abundance of opportunity in London with the talent found in China. Alongside the parties like these, Favotell will have showrooms in each city, with three events a year to showcase the talent.

Josie being a big fan of the colour red was of course drawn straight to the band Awaylee and their all red collection. She even got to play dress up in this insane mid length jacket covered in bright red ruffles. Don’t look to our girl if it was missing at the end of the night!

One woman with a great energy and passion for her brand and the message behind it was Sylvia, co-founder and creative director of Wrad. She talked to Josie about Wrad and the message behind it.

The brand discovered that fashion was the ‘second most polluting industry in the world’ after oil and wanted to create ‘liveable fashion’ that had less of a negative impact on the environment. All the materials used are organic such as hemp and 100% organic cotton.

The coolest use of materials however was the beeswax to wax the jackets and make them water proof and the recycled graphite to dye and print on the garments.

Thanks Favotell for a great night!

Credits: Written by Josie Schiller | All Photography by Josie Schiller

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