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Theartistje, is a talented singer-songwriter and Pop/Dance music sensation, born and raised in Delaware who is developing her breakthrough in the music Industry.

Jé, started singing in her church choir at a very young age. The development of her unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences at a young age. Looking up to superstars like Michael Jackson, Prince, TLC, Aaliyah, Madonna and so many other artists, inspired Jé to pursue her passion to sing on stage. Additionally, Jé had multiple opportunities to showcase her talents in her local venues in Delaware, where she performed in multiple plays.

Jé’s love for music and her willingness to gain performance experiences provided her more opportunities to perform at many local and civic events in both the Delaware and Philadelphia areas. Although still unknown to the masses, Jé is making her mark while introducing herself to other parts of the country.

Her unmatched desire to succeed led her to reestablish herself in the Atlanta, GA area, providing her access to multi-platinum producers and engineers. Her wide vocal range offers a fresh new feel to her music. This allows this new songstress to tap into that corky, outgoing, edgy side and just let go.

Video for my promo for my upcoming project: “free” which is dear to me, because with all the hate in the world, I wrote this song to give comfort and make me ppl see how important it is to let go of the hate and love each other regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality…

Lastly, Jé has overcome many obstacles in her life and uses writing as a platform to express those feelings. “I just want people to be happy! Be Free! Love yourselves! Love each other! Jé, just released her first single, “this Love” which landed her on Billboard Hot Singles Sales Chart.

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