Juheon Cho: Tamed By Spectacle: The Opaqueness of Image

The magnificence, the lavish colours, the provocative narratives in the commercials and the news photos in the streets and online always present us with shocking images with more stimulus than ever before.

Therefore the public lives in a sensational oblivion built around them that lures them into the world inside the shiny neon lights and images from their digital screens and away from the reality they actually live in.

The Painting ‘Tamed by spectacle – the opaqueness of image/ MMD-103’ invites us to think about how the spectacle of visual images pushed onto us by mass media could separates us from their real contents and disturb people enough to no longer empathise with the pain, fears or tragedy of others.

The works are especially focused on people’s approach to disasters from nuclear energy and the existential threats of the nucular proliferation of atomic bombs. Using the language of cartoon and sarcasm, the work tries to deliver a series of ironic messages from the artist’s images.

It’s through these images that Juheon Cho creates a sense of the world we live in, tamed by the horrors of reality through the yoke of sensationalism.

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Courtesy of Pop My Mind

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