Meet Madeleine Kuijper

Madeleine Kuijper always felt that imagination and creation was a normal part of life. Growing up in culturally rich Amsterdam, Madeleine would often visit the numerous museums and galleries around her. This constant exposure to art at such a young age is what initially planted the seeds for her later blooming artistic career.

By Lisa Salerno

Madeleine’s work is made using various printmaking techniques such as etching and linocut. She will often also embellish each piece with pen and ink, technical pen, and watercolors.

Madeleine’s art can be described as a wonderful combination of fanciful yet meticulous in detail. Her work is truly magic. It conjures up bizarre yet beautiful images of the past: Medieval woodcuts, postcards of the Victiorian Era, and the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, to name a few.

Madeleine says she works mainly though her imagination, and not so much though observation. According to Madeleine, the need to imagine and express herself through her drawings has become a necessity; it enables her to put reality into a personal perspective, in which she often tries to add a touch of humor. Madeleine also states that her inspiration can come “from mythology, from (news)stories, from quotes, proverbs, sayings and word-jokes… and sometimes just from silly ideas that develop organically whilst drawing”.

Transformation is also a recurring theme in Madeleine’s work. She will often create images of objects and animals morphing into humans. Her anthropomorphic imagery is what often lends humor and a touch of surprise to her art.

Madeleine has had several exhibitions; most recently at The Central Library of Amsterdam. You can learn more about Madeleine and her whimsical artwork through the following links:

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