Meet Sam Spicer

Sam Spicer is a Cambridge-based illustrator who has been exploring artistically with ink since her third year at university, when the medium really clicked for her. With her work she always want to be telling some kind of story, but also wanting the viewer to bring their own thoughts and feelings to it.

With the way that she works there is room left for that kind of interpretation, though it’s a tricky balance to strike between being clear and being expressive. Ink is just one of the many ways in which she works, and it’s the hardest but most rewarding to get right.

Sam loves working with narratives, characters, and the emotions that tie to them, although every piece she creates usually has some kind of a story to it or behind it she says: ‘I can’t help it, I’ve been a storyteller since I could hold a pencil! It’s why I draw inspiration from books a lot of the time, as is obvious from some recent projects.’

She pushes herself with every new illustration. she’s always looking for ways to say more, to express something new and different. she doesn’t want to stagnate or lose momentum. She says; ‘It’s hard, and I still have a lot of self-doubt – I think most artists do – but working with ink the way I do, you have to let it go.’

One brush stroke can be a whole piece. Hesitation is impossible. So shes going to keep exploring with ink until she runs out of stories to tell.

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