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Last Thursday we sent blogger Josie Schiller to Village Underground’s gallery space in Shoreditch. She spoke to DJ and graphic designer Juan Mendez who was displaying the creative work he had done for a collection of record labels.

Firstly if you are someone looking for gallery space or a small venue this is the perfect spot. Although pretty tiny compared to other galleries, the white tiled walls and good lighting makes for a lovely intimate exhibition space.

Once welcomed with a glass of rum and ginger beer, Josie was left to enjoy the exhibition. After a brief chat over the decks, our blogger found out a bit more about the pieces and the thought process behind them.

Mendez explained that a lot of the artwork was exploring the contrast of beauty and pain, a theme which is clear in all his work (see the Grim reaper standing over The Virgin Mary).

Mendez explained that a lot of the artwork he created for the label Sandwell District was done in black and white but preferred to work in colour once that label closed down. Some favourites of the night included the print in greyscale of the teeth and the rose, and the brighter pieces which the knuckle duster and red heels.

All in all it was a great night filled with lovely people, good music and great artwork.

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