Introducing Daniel Jaracz

Daniel Jaracz aka Dj Ziom is a 24 years old musician/executive producer from Poland. After attending a performing arts school in Poland, he decided in 2005 to become a producer and musician in England to gain more skills and make himself an established artist like his influences Pat Metheny, Nas & Birelli Lagrene.

Thanks to his talent for writing inspiring songs that connect with audiences with the very first listen, his songs have been receiving a lot of accolades with the public of Nottingham.

As a musician and producer Daniel has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in hip-hop/gospel and R&B, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences.

It is that creativity that has landed his song Appreciate Situations, as a recognized piece of that has made publishers interested in him. He studied guitar for eight years, Daniel started writing song at the tender age of 12: “I was never interested in many instrumentals as a child but as soon as I picked up the guitar I felt a sudden connection”, he says seriously. Life took him through many travels around the world, from the U.K back to Poland, places where he studied and held different jobs.

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