Meet Dionysia Adamopoulou

دورة الفوركس Dionysia Adamopoulou is a Greek acrylic artist born in 1993. What she has always wanted in her life is to feel creative. When she started painting, she realised that creativity is the only way to happiness. She never stops thinking during the whole day ‘what will be the next thing that  am going to create.’ On her first paintings, she started working on figurative painting, but soon found herself experimenting with abstract art. ‘The process of creating an abstract artwork is a bet with the artist on how much he can exceed his own limits.’

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source link Yet, what drives her to invest in creating abstract pieces is not only the freedom, but also the correlation she finds with nature. ‘We often say that things in nature are created in harmony and that’s what I try to do with my art. I try to create compositions where harmony and beauty are my main goal and by this way I try to create a simulation with nature.’

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go to site Nowadays, Dionysia is working on a series of paintings completely different to each other trying to show the unlimited possibilities of imagination and abstraction and the subjectivity of beauty.

opcje binarne najlepsza strategia ‘My art shows beauty in different places with one common element: simplicity!’

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