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Dear friends I’m Iryna Whittaker and I’m glad to introduce you to my paintings. I’m a young artist who’s first steps in art began with painting on glass, wood and concrete. A few years ago I started oil painting on canvas.

I painted my first works on canvas using a palette knife. This was a new path and encountering new impressions and emotions was complicated and interesting.

Some of my paintings are painted in the grisaille technique – the drawing is done with a brush in two colours, and then the lacquer paints are applied. This is clearly seen in the picture, Ripe cherries.

Working in the technique of multi-layer painting, I paint with a brush and sometimes I use my own fingers to rub paint onto the canvas.

I live in the beautiful green country of England and love very much the nature that surrounds me. She inspires me to create new pictures which are mainly flowers, landscapes, still lifes, animals and birds.

I get real pleasure from the work process. I paint with great love and joy. I really hope that you feel it.

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