Meet Justin Michael Jenkins

In search of Justin Michael Jenkins creative style, the journey from a young creative child to a student at art school became one of endless curiosity and growth.

Almost instinctually, the artist began to fuse colour with imagination, setting sail on a journey into waters where the spirit and mind collide resulting in bold visions. The artist sets out to depict the ordinary world in a extraordinary way by looking at life upside down and inside out.

Putting on surreal glasses to the artist is like being guided by a compass on a ship, where they lead him to interesting explorations into the heart of life.

The artist now has his eyes set on his “Genesis Collection” featuring 144 drawings in 12 collections.

Over 50 drawings have been completed to date. His brand, Imaginative Pencil, was founded by the artist to package and promote his drawings.

“Look upside down and study inside out. Take the journey to the core of life’s foundations. Here will you find the beating heart of truth.”

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