Introducing, Tuden Jamir is a Singer-Songwriter from Nagaland, a north-eastern state in India

Tuden Jamir is a singer-songwriter from Nagaland, a north-eastern state in India. His music draws inspiration from musicians of different eras and genres; from the Beatles to Radiohead and from The Cure to Ingrid Michaelaon, with a bit of Bob Dylan in between.

Growing up in Nagaland, he was exposed to a lot of metal, which was the prevailing genre at the time, and still is to an extent. But from the beginning, his musical interests lay in things more mellow and personal. Tuden’s songs are animated by an ironic recognition of everyday musings with lyrics that draw metaphorical situations injected with dry humour.

Tuden’s debut EP “The Renaissance Man” was released in 2013 which was followed by a Music Video for the EP’s lead single “About a Hat”.  Four years later, his second EP “Seconds” was released on March 28 2017.

Tuden is currently working on another new EP, with a planned release by the end of the year.

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