Sneak Preview to the new “Otherworldly” Collection from MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery

While the jewellery world shows no lack of avant-garde designs, modern sculptural pieces are a little harder to find in the realms of fine jewellery. Armed with a directional aesthetic that treads the line between art and design, MyriamSOS Fine Jewellery has taken just that tack through the various collections.

The Otherwordly Collection: Diamond Bracelet

The Collections each make nods to the uncompromising lines of modern graphic sensibility.
MyriamSOS will unveil her first ever limited edition Collection “Otherworldly”. The Collection is suggestive of an architectural discipline playing with minimalism, space and movement until the clean geometric lines and the dynamic curvatures are refined into a powerful construction.

The Otherwordly Collection: Diamond Bracelet Ring

The, “forget about the rules” designer, who repeatedly challenges the wearer with jewellery that needs to be seen on a body to make sense, just goes “wild” more than ever before through this new collection which reflects her fearless and distinctively playful “universe” and gives the true essence of the designer’s coolness. This visually compelling angular Jewellery collection is an insight into the world of the designer.

The Otherwordly Collection: The Mic Earring

The cool jeweler expresses through “Otherworldly” her fascination with what before was “faux pas”, for her now is hotter than ever!!! Forget the rules of the perfect pair of earrings, for example. Mix it up and go for everything asymmetrical – literally. Not just an asymmetrical pair but different earrings. Different in shapes, colours, lengths, materials!

The Otherwordly Collection: The Linear Earrings

This visually compelling, innovative collection radiates a blend of refinement and minimalism encapsulating more than ever contemporary opulence.

For a sneak preview to the new collection pls click on the link to have a look at the MyriamSOS new Look Book:

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