Introducing, Ruby Roses is a five-piece, Indie Rock band with a Pop disposition

Ruby Roses is a five-piece, indie rock band with a pop disposition. The group was formed in Wayne, New Jersey back in 2008 by then high school classmates Evan Hooker (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Giordano (Keys), Jon Bruno (Guitar) and Brian Carlucci (Drums). Matt Marrs (Bass) joined the group a couple years later.

Throughout college, Ruby Roses used summer breaks and as much free time as they could muster to put together a makeshift studio in Giordano’s childhood basement, where he and primary songwriter Hooker taught themselves the basics of audio recording. From there they released 3 homemade EPs. Alongside their DIY recording endeavors, Ruby Roses has also drawn faithful crowds to gigs in the garden state, as well as several acclaimed NYC venues including The Knitting Factory and The National Underground.

In 2016, Ruby Roses released their first full-length, studio album “Some New Paradise.” The record’s melody-driven, summery aesthetic has been praised in several blogs and publications and songs from it have been heard on various radio stations as well as The Tony Kornheiser Show podcast. The album fuses classic rock/pop styles from some of the group’s heaviest influences (e.g. The Beatles, The Beach Boys, ELO) with a jangly, contemporary character that is uniquely their own.

Lamplighter Magazine described their sound as having “enough aggression to bite, but with enough warmth to identify with”—an accolade that Ruby Roses holds in high esteem as they strive to keep creating ever-evolving, memorable music for a growing audience.

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Credits: Feature image – Photography by  Stephanie Curreri

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