Meet mixed Media Artist and a Fine Art student, Sophie Banks

Sophie Banks is a mixed media artist. and a Fine Art student; thus she is exploring different materials and processes that coincide with the themes of the body and identity and its relations to mental health and feminism.

Sophie works with an assortment of mediums, working from sculpture, drawing, painting, video, literature and so on, since she is at a stage where she wants to expand my abilities.

Sophie tell us; ‘I love to construct works and then alter the process of creation to see if they become more subjective or have more significance to me and the audience. The shapes I create, although very abstract, relate to the body and the mind, however they have become distorted and uncomfortable, cracked and weathered, glossed over and hidden with bright colours. There is a theme of glossing over something that’s broken a bit like the world does with issues like mental health and the body.’

The art work she has created contains a lot to do with female and male anatomy because she believe it is still something that people find shameful and, especially for women, are still shamed in the media and everyday life and she hopes to make our bodies (which have been sexualised through the media) a subject which is no longer taboo.

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Courtesy of Pop My Mind

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