Meet Munich based Photographer and Artist Fabian Forban

Munich based photographer and artist Fabian Forban is fascinated by astronomy, quantum physics, the super-string-theory and a possible successor to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

His artworks are seeking to find and cross known boundaries, since Fabian believes in multiple dimensions and universes to which one can find access through art and meditation. The combination of photography with digital art is often found in his artworks to approach the new perceptions influenced by the digital age.

The semitransparent, translucent layers can be interpreted as an invitation for a journey through time dimensions, universes and varying realities. Smartphones and internet communication changed our lifes rapidly in the past 20 years. While older generations think in terms of nations, countries, boundaries and even warfare, the younger and worldwide connected generation is rather on a global mission to save their planet communicating via socila media and their new hieroglyphics alphabet, the emojis.

Fabian holds a Master of Arts in Communication and Art History from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and also writes as a journalist for various German magazines. His artworks can be found in business buildings and private collections in the USA, UK and Germany and on various online-art-platforms.

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