Miami born Singer-Songwriter, Brika releases new single ‘Just Wanna Be Single’

opcje binarne ranking Miami born singer and songwriter, Brika, releases new single “Just Wanna Be Single” courtesy of Art House Records. Following up on the success of her album Voice Memos (circulating BBC Radio 1 and earning Brika “Artist on the Verge” by New Music Seminar) and latest singles “Don’t Want Your Love” and “You”, the 22-year-old singer breaks conventional norms and celebrates self-dependence in her new record:

free binary options trading software download\'A=0 “Just Wanna Be Single is about freeing yourself from routine and attachments to feel absolutely happy in your own skin alone. It was written at a time that I wanted to break out of the pattern of being in relationships for the wrong reasons. The lyrics are a reflection of that newfound confidence and the style epitomizes that sentiment through laid back guitars reminiscent of a sunset, the promise of a new day.” The track is co-written/produced by R&B singer-songwriter and producer Shy Girls with Grammy-award winning producer Julio Reyes Copello, and is available now on all major digital outlets.

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