British artist Ruth Fox brought her new solo exhibition ‘A Most Awkward Divide’ to Gallery 46

British artist Ruth Fox brought her new solo exhibition ‘A Most Awkward Divide’ to Gallery 46, 21st – 27th Sept 2017.

Ruth Fox is a young artist from London, who has just completed her latest body of work exploring the detachment many of us have between our bodies and our minds. On Wednesday night we sent lifestyle blogger Josie Schiller and photographer Maryam Samar to the preview of the exhibition.

Left to right: Ruth Fox and Josie Schiller

The venue, Gallery 46 in Whitechapel is in a newly renovated Georgian townhouse, near to Whitechapel gallery. The first floor opens out across two houses, creating the main gallery space consisting of six or seven rooms.

‘A Most Awkward Divide’ is an exploration of the disconnection between our bodies and minds, particularly found in the Western world. This gap only seems to be widening as we are able to upload huge parts of our identities online, which is a concept that our writer could relate to.

Growing up alongside the incredible impact of social media on society, as a young woman you are constantly getting slammed with pictures of how you should look, or act, or what you should be achieving. You are constantly trying to put this perfect version of yourself on display, and focus on this so much that you lose sight of the importance of connecting the mental and the physical together.

Music created by artist Steven Young drifts throughout the exhibition, its source found in the final room. On reading further, we found that Young created the pieces by recording different taps, strokes and so on performed on the body. Through various distortions of these recorded sounds, Young created a beautiful sweeping soundscape perfectly fitting for the exhibit.

Connect with Ruth Fox

Credits: Written by Josie Schiller | All Photography by Maryam Samar

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