Hailing from Nottingham, England: Introducing alternative R&B singer-songwriter Chloe McShane

Hailing from Nottingham, England, alternative R&B singer-songwriter Chloe McShane has been turning heads within the music industry with her distinctive pop-vocals and enchanting covers for a number of years.

Chloe began making her own music in 2012 after she found a community recording studio in her local area. She started to collaborate with various other underground producers who were looking for vocalists to team up with and Chloe believes this was the perfect way to begin her work on top line writing and recording.

Chloe McShane’s writing style is incredibly personal, and says the reason she started making music was because she has a “lot of heart” and needed to get things of her chest. She says:

“I’ve always found music to be a perfect way to express myself without being judged”

Inspired by vocalists such a JoJo and Jamie Woon – Chloe resonates with many different genres, and isn’t someone to be pigeon holed. She takes her life experiences, and her loved ones around her as further inspiration for lyrics, and motivation to move forward in her musical career.

On her creative flow, Chloe has expressed how once she gets a melody in hear head she’ll start humming all the way to the piano and figure chords out that blend together.

Chloe is currently looking towards the next step in her career and is seeking the best people to work with ahead of releasing her new music project. She was previously working with a band on her original songs and is currently looking for new session musicians to help turn her existing back-catalogue of exclusive demo’s into beautiful pieces of music.

Describing her latest music progression and tracks Chloe says “it’s an expression of all traits of my personality, a reflection of my deepest desires and emotions that I would otherwise keep to myself.”

Check out Chloe McShane’s Reload Sessions live version of her original song ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’

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