Meet British tattoo artist and developing digital artist, Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise is a British tattoo artist and developing digital artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I have always been fascinated with the art world and got into tattoos around 6 years ago. Recently I’ve discovered a love for digital art, though the fascination has always been there from being a child after looking through so many fantasy art pieces,” said Sarah.

Sarah soon fell in love with the dramatic styles and colours and mythical creatures that were portrayed to her in those early days. As she grew up, that never changed. To this day she still sits for great lengths of time looking through the various styles and themes in the digital art world, though her interests also have turned to the sci-fi elements after discovering how much of a Star Wars and Alien fan she was.

When asked about her creative process Sarah explains, “My way of working is a little different to regular artists; I like to stream all my progressions and have live interactions via my Discord and Twitch channel. This makes the process more interactive and personal for the people I create the art for. Plus it helps me build up a personal connection with each piece by interacting with each individual that requests my art.”

Sarah recently decided to take a break from the tattoo world to further pursue her love for more conventional art.

When asked why, Sarah said “I’m hoping that I will continue to progress and build up many more new connections within the art community.”

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