Positive music with a positive message: Introducing UK Rap Artist Drizzy Frvncis

Drizzy Frvncis (pronounced Francis) is a 25 year old rapper/recording artist from Leeds, currently living in Wolverhampton.

When asked about his musical background and influences Drizzy explains ‘I’ve always been musical from a young age, and have always loved the art form of rap and lyricism. The complexities that go into rapping against music has always amazed me. The main genres that influence my sound are Hip Hop, Grime, Trap, Poetry, Gospel and Rock.’

When creating music, his main aim is always to send a positive message. ‘A lot of the sounds I use are musically often associated with more negative music, that usually is championing a negative message. I create a sound that is able to capture that rebellious sound, and use it to send a positive message. I believe it is the duty of musicians to empower those that take in the music.’ he said.

Drizzy decided to take his music career seriously in 2016. Since then he has done a number of local performances, in cities such as Birmingham, Nottingham, and Walsall as well as a regular bi-weekly show in Wolverhampton.

Music and fashion go hand in hand – with that being said Drizzy has created a brand called ‘YM’. This is an initialism for ‘Young Messiah’ and the ethos behind the brand is that we all are to embrace our inner youth and inner Gods and be the best versions of ourselves possible.

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