Soul/RnB Twins MMG release new single ‘Rockstars of The Roller Skate Rink’ and get set to tour Japan

“Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” combines elements of soul and R&B to create an upbeat, electronic party song with an infectious groove. This particular release draws inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo’s ‘Sugah Daddy’, Thundercat’s ‘Friendzone’ as well as the Robert Glasper Experiment’s ‘Artscience’ album and will transport the listener to a 70s disco roller rink, complete with disco ball and glittered rollerskates.

This is the third single from the duo, and “Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” and is sure to connect all listeners with those nostalgic memories of the roller rinks of their youth while providing some polished, smooth beats to vibe along to.

“Rockstars of the Roller Skate Rink” was released on August 17th on all digital platforms and is ready to be streamed or purchased globally.

MMG (Mitch and Mike Gordon) make a sound together that only twins could. Through years of playing together, these two brothers have developed an ability to read each other freely. Finding inspiration from Stevie wonder, John Mayer, and D’angelo, the Sydney based songwriters combine dense vocal harmonies, synergetic guitar work, and solid grooves to reflect the traits of their musical heroes.

Their debut, self-titled EP, released in 2014 made their mark on the music industry and let to an international tour in Japan, including cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Their success over the last four years have led them to gaining lots of positive reviews and well received shows.

“Really love the neo-soul vibes coming from this track it’s really well put together” – Nkechi Anele, from Triple J, said about a recent track, ‘Fling’.

“I feel like i’ve just had hot butter poured all over my bod, but in a good way.” – Dave McCarthy, Triple J Unearthed Super User, regarding ‘Fling’.

MMG are to be touring Japan again this September; an 8-show tour of cities including Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya, in order to showcase their new music.

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