Urban RnB artist John Casper releases debut EP ‘Smoking Blues’

Urban RnB artist John Casper has recently dropped his debut EP Smoking Blues, a 5-track release that fuses elements of urban RnB with alt pop which successfully takes the listener on a journey of emotions.

With a distinctive and infectious RnB sound, John Casper surprisingly draws his inspiration from the likes of Ben Howard, Adele, Kanye West and Giggs. Although his influences all hail from an eclectic range of genres they each excel in their songwriting ability, and it is clear that John has put as much focus on the written component of this Smoking Blues as the musical elements.

John Casper’s interest in music began to develop throughout secondary school. After writing grime at the age of 11 for mini rap battles on the playground he eventually began to fall in love with music through listening to more hip-hop in his late teens. He cites Tha Carter 3, Graduation and 808s & Heartbreaks as some of the albums that really turned his head. As John matured in age, he began to become more open minded to different sounds and as he learnt about music he traded writing raps for writing songs, leading him to his debut.

When discussing the EP, John Casper explains, “Smoking blues is a reflection of the everyday struggles of the average Londoner and the strain it leaves on our love lives. Written in first person it’s a mixture of emotions … each song has an underlying message.”

The EP is available to download and stream now via all major media providers and is a teaser for a bigger project set to be released later this year. For more information about John Casper and any upcoming live tour dates you can follow him online.

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