‘I Wrote This At 21’ is the first release from UK singer-songwriter and rap artist, Lemar Wallace-Clarke

As he gears up to release his long awaited and highly anticipated debut EP ‘A King Without a Throne’ in early 2018, singer-songwriter and rap artist, Lemar Wallace-Clarke is excited to release his brand new single titled ‘I Wrote This At 21’, the first single from his forthcoming EP.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Lemar says, ‘I wrote this at 21 is what I would say to my future self and what I believe he would say back to me. The idea actually started off as a book where I was going to describe all of the lessons I have been taught and learnt in order to be successful, and effectively teach you how to be also. The song is a metaphor for the fact that I know I am going to be successful, but others might not yet.’

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