Introducing Colombian born indie singer-songwriter and guitarist, Loyal Lobos

Coming from the “the sexiest women in the world” culture of Colombia where women are expected to be curvaceous, wear tight, showy clothes, high heels, lots of makeup and accept “machismo,” or violence and discrimination against women, Loyal Lobos (Andrea Silva), indie singer and guitarist, moved to the United States four years ago for change.

While living in Colombia, a Facebook group called “I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks I’m dressed up as a slut” was created about her at age thirteen by two male classmates slut-shaming a family photo of her where she was wearing a bikini. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, today Silva embraces her body as it is without the need to sexualize it but also without feeling guilty for looking sexy. She calls for an end to viewing women’s bodies as inherently sexual so they can feel safe dressing however they want as well as an end to the “machismo” in her home country, the misogyny in the United States and the sexism in the music industry.

In her songs, Silva metaphorically talks about how misogyny subtly affects every part of her daily life – even in the United States – including falling in love.

Her first single, “The Fall,” and later, her EP, encourages listeners to connect with real feelings and emotions. Recently premiered at Cinefamily, Silva also wrote songs with Avi Buffalo for the intimate, romance movie “Somewhere Beautiful” following which they toured the West Coast together.

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