Introducing dream pop, singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz

Charlee Remitz is a 22-year-old dream pop singer and songwriter from small town Bozeman, Montana. At eighteen, Remitz moved to Nashville to pursue a career in alternative rock only to write and release her debut EP, These Veins, an alternative pop album six months later.

Featured at #2 in Music Connection magazine, These Veins is an intimate musical experienced described by Skope magazine as having “a limitless feel that makes the world seem right.”

After a highly successful first release, Remitz moved to Los Angeles to write and record her debut album, Bright White Trims, her first release to chart on college radio. No Depression deemed Bright White Trims “a fine debut, if not among the finest from this genre in 2015.”

She followed up the release a year later with her second EP, Saints Until Fridays. And now she’s back, with two brand new singles, “Throwback” and “The Leftovers.”

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