Introducing L.A. Based vocal pop artist, Jenna Kalista L.A. Based vocal pop artist, Jenna Kalista released her first single “Phoenix” mid-July. Although Jenna is a relatively new to the pop scene, she has sung background vocals for many LA artists such as Philly K., Vanessa Bejine and One Hundred Paces. She is featured on the recently released albums “After the Flood” by Noam Katz and “We Will Overcome” by Charlie Kramer. Sans:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic/Raleway:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic/Dancing Script:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic/Lato:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic/Raleway:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic/Dancing Script:100,100italic,200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,500,500italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic,900,900italic&subset=latin,latin-ext

Online stock market games for high schools As a solo singer, she teamed up with Allerdyce, the producer moniker of audio engineer Andi Inadomi, to produce the track. Phoenix is sung with the passion of someone who knows what it means to be knocked down, but to rise up time and time again. It is an inspiring and relatable pop song that invokes reflection, all the while providing a catchy beat you can’t help moving along to.


beleggen met binaire opties The truth behind the song is that life is messy, but it is also beautiful. Most everyone has been through a scenario in life that has proven to be completely challenging and chaotic. As the memorable melody continues, it tells an earnest and empowering story of rising above and prevailing through the toughest of circumstances. It is truly fearless.

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get link Jenna Kalista’s vocals are no less fearless. The song opens with a sensitive, breathy verse setting up the feeling of being knocked down. As she moves into the chorus and sings, “You can throw your stones/Go on, give me your worst blow/I’m not gonna crumble” you can hear the rawness and strength in her voice. The chorus breathes life into the bridge which repeats the simple, yet powerful phrase, “I’m Alive.”

follow site Check out Jenna’s acoustic cover of ‘Barcelona’ by George Ezra

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