Meet California-based Pakistani paper artist, Zahra Ammar

Zahra Ammar is a California-based Pakistani paper artist with a love of paper, the written word and meandering outdoors.

With a background in Economics and Finance and English, she passionately doodles on any surface, weaves threads and is in love with paper and food. She loves the versatility and form that paper has to offer. In her own way, her expressions are cut and folded into her artwork with certain themes running around everything she creates. For her, paper is the paint, the medium and the base.

She actively blogs, vlogs her experiments on Instagram. Her methods are unique as she creates geometric and more eccentric pieces than those that are found in traditional quilling.

Each piece is intricate and unique, a marvellous collection of ideas and forms.

When not surrounding by mounds of paper, she is wandering outside on her bike with crazy ideas churning in her head, reading thrillers or writing poetry.

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