Meet Melbourne based artist, Creative MoNk Inc

Being lost in a world of constant stimulation, to the point of an overwhelming presence, MoNk finds the most productive time to create while he is sleeping. A mild case of insomnia tends to lead him to pre-emptively awakening from his bed to sketch the monsters that are plaguing his mind.

Creative MoNk Inc. presents images to the moral majority in the same way as a butcher chops up a cow, with precision, vitriol and brute force. His targets include religion, politics and the highly conservative nature of our time.

MoNk has made it his business to shake up the art world with bold and challenging images that shock but at the same time traverse a confronting landscape into some deeply profound and fertile philosophical arenas. Art should ask important questions about the time we live in and MoNk’s art does this with alarming erudition, obliterating the peace and quiet of apathy and forging an honest approach to art in the 21st century.

MoNk tackles the issues of this world head on, with an erudition and cynicism that could only be described as ‘The MoNk.’ No target seems to be out of the way for this concerned modern artist- from attacking religion as an organization and its associates/clergy, to chauvinism and the definition of masculinity.

Modern artist, alternative, and contemporary artist have all been used to categorize The MoNk, but a quick glimpse into his work is all that you need to establish the truth- that this one is quite unique.

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Credits: Bio written by Callum Scott

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