Meet photographer, figurative and abstract digital artist Djoi Nije Za Svakoga

follow Serbian artist, Djoi Nije Za Svakoga, born Dragan Djordjevic, had his first experiences with digital realm 18 years ago. He expresses himself through photography, figurative and abstract digital work.

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get link He believes that the task of every artist, is to “find something new in art or die trying.” With, his abstract works, his goal is to reach other dimensions, find new air to breathe, new water to dive into, new earth to walk.

source “When it comes to describing my art and what inspires me, I am of the opinion that people don’t have to like me or understand my work. I am not driven to succeed in art. I’m half a century old, this is me and this is my work.” A man with a vision and a spear

enter site Djoi has been exhibited in Serbia, Spain, and the US. He has also been included in Starry Night’s book Artists to look out for 3 and in several different art magazines.

source see Connect with Djoi Nije Za Svakoga

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