Punk, a punch of pop, and a whole lot of nerve: Introducing The Violet Tides

With a hint of punk, a punch of pop, and a whole lot of nerve, The Violet Tides is one of Northern Colorado’s premier pop-alternative bands. Kenzie Culver’s startling vocal power, range, and attitude convey the conviction of a new generation on the rise. She and drummer Mason Culver, guitarist Dillon deBord, and bassist Kaelan Ramirez create a sound that is youthful yet edgy, emotional yet aggressive.

The band’s 2017 release, Afraid of Being Saved, styles their alt-rock sound with infectious hooks, electronic effects, and provocative lyrics. Denver’s 303magazine describes the title track as “a rollercoaster of emotions from resistance to change to hope.” The same song earned the band semifinalist status in the 2017 Unsigned Only Music Competition.

Formed in 2013, the band has won multiple awards, including first place in both the Colorado You Got Talent Competition and the Keptone Battle of the Bands, advanced band division. The Violet Tides also earned the Stars of Tomorrow People’s Choice Award and were named an official band for music therapy charity Blue Star Connection.

They’ve played prominent venues throughout Colorado, including the famed Mishawaka Amphitheatre and Ryan Seacrest’s Denver Seacrest Studio. The Violet Tides enjoy frequent airplay and media coverage in Denver and Northern Colorado.

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Credits: Bio written by Johannah Knudson | Photography by Anthony Ring

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