Rose Gold Boutique is UK-based brand created to fulfill the need of fashion-forward enthusiasts

Rose Gold Boutique is a UK-based fashion brand which has been created to fulfil the need of fashion-forward enthusiasts, who desire contemporary design and inspiration with competitive prices. The brand aims to deliver premium quality through selected innovative designs fabrics and garment construction.

Niji met with founder and owner Chris Ferdinand to discuss his journey so far and vision for the brand.

Why did you set up Rose Gold Boutique?

Fashion is huge part of my life, and I like to think I take pride in putting together different pieces that work cohesively together. I believe I found an opening in the market for luxury casual wear and felt there was room for Rose Gold Boutique to fill it.

Who is your target audience/demographic?

We have a unisex demographic. Our clothing seeks to satisfy men and women with pieces that flatter different body types, all based around the latest trends and colour palettes. I feel we have two types of customer . One is the younger generation who have something to aspire to , and then there is the person who already has that lifestyle.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from my everyday life experiences and aspects of my time spent travelling. I am very blessed that I get to see the latest and greatest trends evolving in Europe and the USA.

I am continually taking the best elements of these trends, working with my design team to implement them into the Rose Gold Boutique overall strategy and vision. Our Journey has blossomed as coming from the thought behind Rose Gold and being able to demonstrate this idea onto garments. The Concept of Rose Gold Boutique came from the rose being the national emblem of England. For me a rose represents Love, Uniqueness and Eternal. Gold equates to Pure, Rich, Wealth, Valuable, Precious and of course Strength.

We feel our collection represents warmth, plush, luxury, vintage elegance and all of the above.

Once you had the idea, how did you go about implementing it?

The main focus I had once perfecting the logo was our website. I wanted to make it a site which our clients would be impressed with, making sure we had a range of different products and imagery and ensuring security of having sagepay and PayPal.

What existing brands would you compare Rose Gold Boutique. Why should people buy/invest in your brand?

In my humble opinion it’s very hard to compare our brand to others. My clothing style for men and women would be close to the Givenchy collection keeping the colours natural and ensuring the styling is fitted. The women’s collection is close to the clean lines and simplicity of CÉLINE whilst focusing on great fabrics and colours like Saint Laurent.

I have tried to incorporate and take inspiration from these brands and implement them at Rose Gold Boutique.

Who would be your dream customer/muse?

It is very difficult for us to pigeon hole the brand. Analysis of our recent customers show our garments are being worn by the millionaire company owner on the golf course, you’re up and coming hip hop star in their latest video right through to a yummy mummy going to her Yoga Classes. This is the diversity that we at Rose Gold Boutique love. We monitor trends, seasons and corporate this for your everyday City or Country person, no matter the age

Over the years the colour Rose Gold has become more popular with Accessories, Jewellery, Beauty and now a launch of new clothing brand Rose Gold Boutique.

In your ‘About’ you mention contributing to an online fashion community, please expand?

Fashion online or on Social media is an evolving beast and if you are not on the train you will get left behind. I post fantastic daily imagery and videos on our social media sites to bring awareness to the brand and show our ideas of how our products can be put together which has proven to be a success.

What’s your vision for Rose Gold Boutique?

Rose Gold Boutique has already become a brand which I hope to be successful, and we have already had some great feedback from our customers and industry insiders. In the not so distance future I hope to see pop up shops for the brand and be part of boutique brands in stores like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Watch this space!

Tell us about your manufacturing process, how do you ensure the highest quality when producing Rose Gold Boutique garments?

At Rose Gold Boutique luxury is the most important factor. When I source fabrics and styles the first question I ask is ‘would I buy this?’ Getting it right takes time, and I am in no rush. I want to ensure that any new collection we launch is good enough and it has my stamp of approval.

The process does not just stop here. The team and I have hopefully made the shopping process an easy and fun experience. Upon purchase every client receives a luxury gift box, their new products come beautifully wrapped to emphasis the luxury element.

Tell us about your latest line, what is your favourite/most popular item(s)?

The Autumn Winter lines is so exciting. I have expanded the women’s collection ensuring we have oversized sweats caps and tees in this seasons nudes pastel pinks and variation of vibrant colours. The men’s collection we have added some velvet tracksuits, pleated tees and have also launched our new bags. Roses are huge currently and as our brand is built on the rose we have some new exciting rose prints on our garments.

Check out for our New Collection coming soon and looking forward to doing a collaboration with an inspiring fashion individual.

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