A painter for over 15 years, Meet Philadelphia artist Juli (Jule) Snyder

A painter for over 15 years, Philadelphia artist Juli (Jule) Snyder’s distinctive, atmospheric original abstracts draw inspiration from emotion, intuition and the subconscious. Described by one collector as lyrical and soulful, these definitively unique works are empowering and transcendent. Her art is deep, with a focus on creating mood, balance and detail. Jule’s palette choices range from ethereal, soft pastels to strikingly vibrant pigments; her paintings have been called both grounding and uplifting.

Jule has owned her art-focused business, Black Arrow Arts, since 2014. A big fan of symbolism, she chose her business name after being re-introduced to J.R.R. Tolkien at a particularly significant time in her life. She has a strong desire to inspire, motivate and help people live happier, more fulfilling lives and does so regularly, primarily through her newsletter, which can be subscribed to via her website, BlackArrowArts.com, and her Instagram account.

She has shown her artwork in Philadelphia and the surrounding area since 2001 and exhibited in the SOLO exhibit at the NY Art Expo, an international exhibition of exemplary artworks. With over 30 exhibitions in multiple states under her belt, she greatly anticipates even greater levels of success, expanding overseas, being able to give more to those who need it (she regularly donates work and funds to philanthropic and animal welfare organizations) and sharing her message of empowerment and hope on a larger scale. When we’re authentic & bring out what’s within, we realize we are courageous, worthy and perhaps most importantly, not alone.

A graduate of Temple University, Jule has been painting since 2000 & creatively expressing for as long as she can remember. Since she was a kid, art and animals have been her two biggest passions. Both are catalysts for profound healing and transformation. Art that makes us feel something can create a powerful shift in our lives, and her work aims to make people feel. In a world that promotes distraction, Juli’s artwork seeks to make connections with ourselves and others. By changing ourselves for the better, we change the world.

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