‘Happy’ is the latest release by NYC based singer-songwriter, Maxine Ashley

Born and raised in The Bronx to Salsero parents, The NYC based singer-songwriter ‘Maxine Ashley’ has outdone a distinct narrative on her brand new song ‘Happy.’

The songstress has been working steadily on her music in the studios of NY, LA and London where she has developed a cosmopolitan mix of Hip hop, R&B with rock under tones and soul that is undoubtedly from New York but ready for the world.

Happy showcases elegiac lyrics that takes on a journey on trying to find true happiness. Her compositions are melo-dramatic, combined with hypnotizing vocals. Maxine describes ‘Happy Is about conflict in a relationship and one’s self”.

Bonding semi-experimental pop music with deft song writing, Maxine Ashley is sure to build a reputation. Her mesmerizing voice and rebel spirit are attributes to be loved.

Sultry and sass can be sought from the beginning with her ‘Glory box’ song and video which was an insight of her becoming a woman. Today with the co-sign of influential make-up artist Pat McGrath, Maxine Ashley has shown us there is more to her than we know and within her brand she is destined for greatness.

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Credits: Production by Future Cut | Video directed by Jesse Heath | Edited by Maxine Ashley

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