Introducing Swedish American emerging singer-songwriter, Annelie

Annelie’s first original song, “Staring at the Sun” was released on iTunes and Spotify in May 2016. The official music video was released on AnnelieVEVO channel a week later.

Her first original song has received numerous awards and features since release and most notable is her entry into ISC (International Songwriting Contest) 2017 in the teen division.

“Raining Dreams” came in June 2017. Annelie performed “Raining Dreams” at various charity events benefiting Pediatric cancer.

“Natural Disaster” was her first upbeat song, stepping away a bit from her regular country inspired sound. Video just up on AnnelieVEVO was filmed in a dried out riverbed in LA.

Next single release will be October 27 with “Learn to Love All the little Things”. Video comes out beginning of November and is anticipated to be her best ever… She is looking forward to an exciting 2018 with a lot of new opportunities coming her way. She is at present working with a couple of different studios writing lyrics and producing music.

Annelie is an independent artist and her songs are registered in her name. She currently also started reproducing ABBA songs in a medley format. All music is on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. She is getting a lot of attention in USA right now where she resides, she would love to gain supporters of her music in Sweden where she resides as well and she has dual citizenship. Her music is uploaded at SR Sveriges Radios Musikportalen just waiting to be played…

She would be equally excited for some attention in England. Annelie currently holds number 39 on the Los Angeles Singer/Songwriters List with her music.

Staring at the Sun is available now on iTunes.

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