London-based brothers Tom and Nick Shirm, otherwise know as Goldsmoke release ‘Like This’

London-based brothers Tom and Nick Shirm, otherwise know as Goldsmoke, have been developing an underground following from some of the most influential tastemakers in the blogoshpere for their polished, inventive, future soul. Grabbing onto whatever music was available, the blogs were keen to label Goldsmoke one of the most impressive emerging sounds of the year.

Brought up in a musical household (their mother was a musician) the brothers lived around it, attempting to create a 7-piece live disco project as teenagers before ultimately deciding to pursue music properly as a duo.

Growing up listening to the disco/ R&B classics of Earth Wind & Fire, early Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, their grounding was golden. “We wanted to really make Earth Wind and Fire style music,” says Tom. “We’d listen to their live album in the car all the time and we guess it just stayed with us; the massive arrangements, big sounds, that and Rod Temperton, who wrote the majority of the records from ‘Off The Wall’”.

Goldsmoke do conjure vintage, classic disco and funk stylings on their new release “Like This”, but importantly manage to thread their own distinctly modern elements through the sound, creating a semblance of Honne or AlunaGeorge. With BBC Introducing getting in touch before they’d done any press seems a telling marker of the strength and interest for their kind of sound.

Speaking on the track, the Tom and Nick state: “Like this is about getting caught with someone else in a bar, it’s the brutal breakup after being caught cheating.”

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