Meet Canadian multidisciplinary artist, Alain Giroux

source site Alain is a multidisciplinary artist from Canada who exploits his creativity in painting, electronic music and graphic design. He creates these colorful abstracts using his own self-taught technique with acrylics on canvas.

how do i wean myself off of premarinè-il-miglior-intervallo-di-tempo-per-negoziare-opzioni-binarie He is fascinated by the feelings and emotions vibrating in each of us and finds that abstract painting defines well the simplicity and complexity of this inner exploration.

get link His journey consist of creating art with different colors to see how he feels personally with each piece as well as to share them with others and see how they feel. No matter what, we can definitely feel strong connections with the art and try to find words to explain the emotion that resonates in us.

enter site libri sulle opzioni binarie His works are exhibited under the name of a movement “Naissovibe”. Naisso comes from the word “naissance” in French, or “birth” in English, which relates to his own birth: his mother didn’t have a single contraction and she slept through it all. It was a special birth, and that is why he has incorporated it. “Coming into the world is a bit like the boom of emotions you see in each painting”.

go to link All of his artworks have a natural flow of different vibrations filled with textures and landscapes and represented in a colorful way.

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