A fully-fledged pop anthem: ‘Someday We’ll Know’ is the new single by J-pop group, FAKY

Based in Tokyo, FAKY (Pronounced Fei-ki), land on British shores as anything but your average J-Pop group. Already picking up support on DAZED&CONFUSED for their style and outspoken nature, FAKY are the first Asian act to not only to have signed a British record deal, but also the first to record their songs completely in English.

Working with producers such as DJ Fresh and Commands (Charli XCX, Anne Marie), FAKY take apart the Harajuku stereotype piece by piece.

‘Someday We’ll Know’ is a fully-fledged pop anthem, packed with the kind of unapologetic attitude from the group’s four members Anna, Lil’ Fang, Mikako and Akina worthy of Little Mix at their peak. Sassy, fierce attitude and co-signs from some of the top producers in the game right now paint a picture of the kind of heat these girls are getting.

A bonafide phenomenon already in Japan, they’ve racked up views by the million across their previous releases – and with influences ranging from US pop to London street style, FAKY look set to stick a flag in the UK – and make us move whilst they do it.

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