Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, ‘Blind’is the second release by R&B artist Nava

R&B artist Nava presents his second release, Blind. Out now, the brand new song is current, fresh and incorporates mellow beats with meaningful lyrics.

Hailing from the small island Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean has resulted in him gaining a lot of attention for being one of the youngest artist to emerge from the island. At 21 years old Nava makes sure he shows no fear with his music and likes to experiment with new sounds. Instead of worrying what people will think he focuses on finding ways to break barriers whilst telling his story through music. Influenced by both his musical background and modern music, which is evident from the new song, Nava describes his music as an ever evolving fusion of the two.

The story behind Blind is to look at a young mans journey through his emotions whilst he deals with stress in a relationship. Nava’s music is truthful and he holds a distinct determination as he tries to introduce himself to the world as an artist.

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