Making the ordinary interesting: Meet mixed media artist and photographer, The Naked Artist

Born in Sheffield, UK Suzie Pindar (also known as The Naked Artist) is a mixed media artist and photographer. Between 1996-1998 Suzie attended Chesterfield Art College where she developed and embraced her love for art.

Having achieved commercial success in both a professional and voluntary capacity her work is inspired by life itself!

When asked about her work and what inspires her Suzie explains, ‘my work is a mix of photography, words and mixed media. I often reevaluate the world around me and take inspiration from the wide range emotions that are evoked by everyday life.’

Art that does indeed reveal ‘the naked’ truth. Embracing experiences whether good or bad and documenting them in her bold self expressive way.

This is honest art, art that is bursting with feelings and memories, making the ordinary interesting.

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